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Andum MASK

Andum Quality Control Process with Key Move

Ear loops tensile strength test

To make sure our mask is comfortable to wear, we do the strength test for each mask.

Bacterial & Viral Filtration Efficiency

For our masks work more effective, we strictly test the efficiency of the protection .

Respiratory resistance test

Only protection is not enough, we want to make sure you breath well with our masks.

Waterproof test

We pour the water onto our masks. To test the water does not permeate and the innermost layer remains dry

Flame retardancy test

An independent laboratory test has proven that our mask does not burst into flames when exposed to direct flame or fire source.

Weight detection

Weight detection is a double check for making sure our masks are within the scope of the standard production.


Quality Managment

Andum is committed to providing a more enjoyable and safe experience.

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